Catalyzing Latent Human Capital for Social Impact

Decentralizing the world for good

Opscientia was launched with the belief that our world's most challenging problems can be tackled by gifting global citizens the tools they need for self-sovereignty on the web and computational resources to augment collective decision-making and social cooperation

We help institutions, organizations, and coordinated digital identities build decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that are community-owned and executed

The Power of Web 3.0

Reclaim your Data

Decentralized identity (DID) enabled by blockchain technology empowers you to decide if, how, and when your data is used

Open Science Bay Platform Coming Soon

Learn Web 3.0

Explore our course offerings on regulation compliance, legal resources for decentralized autonomous organizations, smart contract development, and distributed cloud resources

Decentralize your organization

Access unlimited peer-to-peer cloud storage, computation on demand, and enterprise-level security for your data

Shady El Damaty, Ph.D.

Founder and Director

Neuroscientist trained in multimodal neuroimaging, behavioral science, and machine learning techniques. Intellectual interests are honed in on the development of mechanistic biophysical models of human behavior derived from empirical neural dynamics underlying decision-making from perception to action. Currently exploring software development challenges in decentralized data marketplaces to support open science.

Liliana Muscarella, M.A.

Director of Social Impact and Strategic Partnerships

Human rights professional and social innovator with cross-sectoral project management experience in humanitarian assistance, conflict analysis, and community resilience/peacebuilding. Passionate about harnessing emerging technologies to rebuild existing structures and unfetter human potential, especially for marginalized populations.

Daniel Byington, M.S.

Director of Finance

Business development and sales professional with experience scaling biotech products and pharmaceutical services. Previously worked at Paragon Bioservices on expanding manufacturing capacity, digital marketing, and compiling business intelligence for next-generation gene therapies utilizing Adenovirus vehicles. An avid rower, having served as a leader, coach, and mentor. Currently attending the Smith School of Business studying for a Master's of Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Miri Rossitto

Director of Brand Management & Community Growth

Known throughout the communications industry as "The Fixer," Miri is an expert in all things business and brand development. Her impressive track record for increasing the effectiveness and visibility of companies and organizations is second only to her reputation for connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary opportunities.
Miri and her team at Cowe Communications develop winning strategies that they implement in powerful ways and then publicize to audiences all over the world.

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